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Shai Hill Lodge
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I found Mark Stordeur and his hunting operation online last year as I was looking for hunting guides in Kentucky. I had heard that there are big deer in KY. I was looking for a high quality and low volume guide. Mark offered me both.

Upon arrival I found Mark's hospitality and warm welcome to be truly southern in nature. He made me stay in his house which has modern accommodations, WiFi, TV and everything else and we enjoyed great food and good wine.

The hunt was amazing as well. I shot a doe and a monster buck on the second day of my hunt that probably will score 140+. He hangs proudly on my wall and you can see a picture of him on this website.

I returned in 2015 and had a pretty adventurous hunt. Mark and I like to still hunt and not just sit on a tree stand. On the morning of the 2nd day, I went out with Mark and we jumped about 7 deer. One happened to be a Monster buck close to 170+ points. He was in an open field with a doe. Mark and I put a stalk on him for about 200 yards, which included crawling on our bellies for about a 100 yards. It was the most exciting hunt I have ever been on in my life!!

I missed my shot at the Monster at about 165 yards. I am not sure if it was buck fever, but it gives me an opportunity to come back again in 2016. I did shoot a doe and got some good quality venison for the freezer. I am already booked for opening week in 2016! I suggest you do the same!

In roaming around the property I saw 5 truly Monster bucks around the property that we jumped even in the most unlikely spots.

Great property to hunt and the most hospitable and caring hosts ever!

Hamid Mahmood

Kentucky Deer Hunting  

Shai Hills is an unbelievable destination for whitetail deer!! The long and short of it is that the opportunity to have a, if not multiple encounters with Pope and Young or Boone and Crocket deer abound. On the hunt my wife and I went on we saw six bucks that ranged from 120 inches to 180 inch non typical!!!! We also harvested several does that were no less than 180 lbs. to 200 plus! The stand locations were very well placed and for the avid bow hunter to have access to a property that sees four to six hunters a season is rare.

Now lets get to the meat of things. The accommodations were top shelf. The beds were amazing. I don't have beds at home that were that quality. The sitting areas in the lodge are wonderful with fireplaces and lovely couches. Mrs Jane is the Jewel of the Nile. She and Marks cooking is rivaled by none and their charm makes them the world class part of this extremely wonderful experience. Make no mistake, Shai Hills is world class hunting, but that's only part of the experience. These two people have captured all of the essence of what embodies the hunt. They are artisans in the kitchen and their class enthralls you and challenges the very spirit of what you thought excellence was. I only offer one warning about Shai hills. That is don't go if you cant separate your heart. You will be left with a feeling of loss when you leave the folds of what is surely the best kept secret in Kentucky. Spots are extremely limited and you cant have ours. Thank you for being everything you are Mark and Jane!!!

By Daniel A. Woodbury, TN November 26, 2015

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My stay at Shai Hills Lodge was outstanding! It was definitely more than my wife and I had expected. The accommodations were great at the lodge and Mrs. Jane's cooking was wonderful! Mark was an outstanding host and hunting guide. The land there was a hunters paradise. There were lots of nice buck all around. I definitely plan to come back again!

Jeff Farris

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